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Tony Gustafsson

Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm working as a web developer at daytime and hacking my own project at nights. I love programming, web tech, blockchain, science, philosofy, baking and coffee.


SQLI Nordics

I've been working on SQLI Nordics (known as Star Republic) for 8 years now. Time is passing quickly when having fun with great technology and great people.

Satsuma Studios

My own little company where I focus on smaller customers and experimenting a bit with different technologies. I'm working with everything from WordPress to custom built sites.


I've been working as a frontend developer for many years now, but have also worked a lot with the backend using C#, NodeJS and PHP. I have mainly worked on ecommerce platform and custom sites.


I'm a huge fan of OpenSource, and most of my work I give away freely. It's a great way of getting feedback and helping others.


A swedish site about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. I felt a need for information targeting the swedish market. It's using Metalsmith to transform markdown to a static site.

Milk & Eggs

When no grocery list is good enough you create your own. This requires no accound and can be shared between families and friends. A real time database makes it possible to see updates immidiatly.

Woodlands of Peril

As a fox you explore the woodlands and fight enemies, gain level and collect items. That's pretty much it at the moment.

Paprika Viewer

An app for display and filter prices of cryptocurrencies. It's using CoinPaprika API and the frontend is built with SvelteJS. I built it because I couldn't find any other's that could filter by market.

Lost Seas

A fully working web based pirate game. It's an old project of mine, rewritten in Next.js with modern tools.

Merchants Endeavor

A game where you can buy ships and corporations. You have to look after your staff and allocate them to the ships and companies you've build. You can then send your ships out to missions and gain the rewards.


A monitoring software with both a monitor, a server and a client using React and Redux. It is using websockets for pushing updates to the client.


A progressive web app for keeping track of fasting and eating windows. I felt a need for a simple tool that remember current or previous fasts. Built headless with React and Redux.

Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life is a great exercise and a fantastic idea. This one I built from scratch with ES6 and HTML Canvas. The goal were to learn and improve the performance of my JavaScript code.

Akashic CMS

This is a PHP library with a MVC structure. It is very slimmed down and module based. I actually still use it in some old projects.


It's a conversion bot. A pretty stupid one. But sometimes she surprises you. Written in React and Redux. Using APIs for fetching online data as you talk to her.

Chill Studios

A site where you can find peace and calm for a while. Choose your nature sounds, set the volume and just sit back and chill.



Yup, I'm there. Feel free to contact me if you want.


I like to photograph, like, a lot. Get to know me by watching some of them.


All developers are secretly getting all answers from StackOverflow. I try to give something back to the community by answering questions and getting into discussions.